Transmission Repairs Melbourne

Transmission Repairs Melbourne

Do you suspect you may need transmission repairs? Melbourne experts N and V Automatics can give your vehicle a thorough diagnosis and fix any problems we find.

Transmission issues can have serious consequences, so you need to have your vehicle attended to as quickly as possible. Otherwise you may well experience serious and expensive problems down the road. However, taking action now will help put your mind at ease.

When you’re in need of transmission repairs, Melbourne based firm N and V Automatics offer a complete range of services including repairs, rebuilding (including upgrades), changeover transmission, transmission oil cooler installations, torque converters and high stalls, along with general vehicle repairs.

We specialise in repairing automatic transmissions for all types of vehicles including both front and rear wheel drives, 4WDs and CVTs.

Transmission Repairs Melbourne

When it comes to transmission repairs, Melbourne motorists can do no better than to get in touch with us. Other than offering an expert service, we’re a family business and pride ourselves on offering the personal touch.

A repaired transmission is one where a specific component is replaced or fixed. For example, if a solenoid failed in the transmission it can be replaced without rebuilding the entire transmission. In general with a repair, only the component that is replaced would be warranted, at N and V Automatics we offer a 6 Months Warranty on Parts Replaced. It’s cost effective but does have an element of risk, as you may be faced with something else failing in the transmission down the track that is unrelated to the repair.


Transmission Rebuild Melbourne

If your transmission is badly worn or has damaged components, a transmission rebuild offers an economical alternative to replacing the whole unit with a new one. Brand new transmissions, especially on more modern, late model cars, can be almost as expensive as a brand new engine. Here at N and V Automatics, we begin by carefully inspecting all the parts of your transmission before rebuilding it with new, reconditioned or refurbished parts. Many people, especially those on a tighter budget or those simply wishing to avoid paying the full price of a brand new vehicle transmission, will opt for a transmission rebuild. A transmission rebuild includes the removal and inspection of a vehicle’s transmission, along with the replacement or refurbishment of any severely damaged or worn transmission parts.

A transmission is an complex mechanical system consisting of a variety of gears, bands, pumps, and rotors that all work together to achieve optimum transmission operation. A transmission rebuild includes the careful inspection of all of the main parts of a vehicle transmission. After careful inspection, parts that are severely worn or damaged beyond repair are replaced; sometimes this means replacement with brand new parts, and sometimes this means replacement with a refurbished and/or reconditioned part. At the end of the day, a transmission rebuild restores a vehicle transmission to peak operating functionality.

At N and V Automatics we do not only guarantee our work on all Transmission rebuilds, we also offer our customers piece of mind with a  2 year / 40 000kms Warranty on Standard Transmissions.


The Value of Regular Servicing

Regular servicing is the best way to minimise costly automatic transmission repairs. Melbourne firm N and V Automatics offer a scheduled maintenance program to ensure the ongoing performance of your vehicle.

When we service your car, you’ll be added to our VIP customer list.This means you get a courtesy reminder just before your next service is due. That way you’ll never forget to have your vital vehicle maintenance carried out. Your vehicle will run sweetly and you’re far less likely to encounter those breakdowns and other problems. In the long run, you’ll save money, too.

Whenever you need transmission repairs, Melbourne experts N and V Automatics are ready to help. Call us now on (03) 9773 6101 for a free estimate.