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Transmission Oil Cooler Installation

Transmission Cooler Installation
The Advantages of Installing a Transmission Cooler

Over heating is one of the main causes of transmission failure. Installing a transmission cooler will not only benefit the transmission, but also extends the life of the transmission. Ordinary driving can place stress and strain on any transmission, and hard driving or trailer pulling can make the strain even worse. Installing a transmission cooler on your vehicle can reduce the stress and strain on your transmission and help it run more efficiently.

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Advantages of installing a Transmission Cooler:
  • Cooler Running:

    Regularly pulling a trailer can put a lot of strain on a transmission, and that additional weight can cause the transmission to overheat. Installing a transmission cooler is the best way to prevent this overheating and stop the transmission fluid from breaking down. When transmission fluid gets too hot, it will begin to break down, and when that breakdown occurs the transmission fluid will no longer be able to provide the protection it was designed to provide. By using a transmission cooler, you can make sure the transmission fluid continues to do its job between changes.

  • Reduced Costs:

    Installing a transmission cooler can greatly increase the life of your automatic transmission by allowing the transmission to run cooler and more efficiently. Considering new transmissions can be quite costly, spending a few hundred dollars to purchase and install a transmission cooler is money well spent, and an invest that will save you money in the long run.

  • Better Fuel Economy:

    By installing a transmission cooler, the engine and the transmission will not have to work as hard, and that can result in better fuel economy. The additional cost savings from an increase in fuel mileage can pay for the cost of the transmission cooler and the associated installation costs.

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