Automatic Transmission Servicing

Automatic Transmission Servicing


Transmissions like engines, require regular servicing. Car owners quite commonly do not become aware of the importance of a transmission service until they are faced with a direct transmission problem, at which point it could be to late and their transmission is in need of a costly repair or rebuild.

We recommend servicing either every 12 months or 20,000kms on Automatic Transmissions. This will ensure that the transmission is thoroughly checked and minor repairs fixed before they cause major breakdowns.  It is extremely important to service your transmission on a regular basis.

Service your transmission before a problem occurs, never wait for a problem to occur.

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A transmission flush is a maintenance process where all of the oil in a transmission is removed, and replaced up with new oil. The process is used to remove debris and sludge and replace 100% of the used oil with clean oil.

Automatic transmission fluid is rarely changed for preventative maintenance, yet it is often the cause of premature transmission failure. The cost of replacing or repairing a transmission can be quite costly, which is more than good reason to perform regular servicing, as the cost of regularly changing the fluid and filter does not compare to the cost you could be faced with if your transmission begins to fail.

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