Frankston Automatic Transmission Servicing, Rebuilds and Repairs

N and V Automatics is a family-owned business specialising in the maintenance of automatic transmissions. These transmissions are often underappreciated aspects of cars, with people so frequently focusing only on their engines.

When your transmission goes neglected for too long, there is often a high price associated. The cost of repairing or replacing an automatic transmission is often underestimated, which is why it pays to have it serviced regularly.

transmission servicing frankston

How We Service Automatic Transmissions

N and V Automatics provide every kind of service to keep your automatic transmission in tip-top condition, from transmission upgrades, changeovers, rebuilds to transmission cooler installations, torque converters, high stalls, and general mechanical repairs.

Servicing of automatic transmissions is something is not nearly acknowledged as much as it should be. Without regular servicing, it is possible for your automatic transmission to perform improperly, and eventually cease functioning. N and V Automatics provide quality regular maintenance of your transmission to make sure that it always runs optimally.

Contact Us For More Information on servicing your car

N and V Automatics’ Seaford location is only a very short drive from Frankston. Our workshop is open from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, with Saturdays open by appointment.

We recognise that understanding the finer details regarding automatic transmissions can be overwhelming, so make sure to contact us with any of your questions. We will always outline the best options for your transmission and budget so that you understand how we will be servicing your car.

N and V Automatics recognises that the work we do is important to you, and we want to show you that it is also important for us. To do this, for standard automatic transmission rebuilds we offer a work guarantee of 2 years/ 40,000 kilometres.