Transmission rebuilds, repairs and servicing in Carrum

A family-owned business, N and V Automatics service automatic transmissions in the Carrum area with experience, knowledge and quality.

Automatic transmissions are highly important in cars, and so there is a need to maintain them regularly. When automatic transmissions are neglected, the costs of fixing or replacing the entire transmission can blow out significantly.

transmission servicing carrum

Excellent Automatic Transmission Services

N and V Automatics provide a range of services for automatic transmissions, including transmission rebuilds, changeovers, upgrades, torque converters and high stalls, transmission cooler installations, and general mechanical transmission repairs.

N and V also expertly service automatic transmissions, ensuring they always run perfectly. Your vehicle’s automatic transmission require servicing just as your car engine does, with similarly terrible results if it is not attended to. Make sure not to wait until a problem arises, come in and find out how we can help keep your car on the road!

N and V also provide rebuilt and repaired transmissions. These transmissions have a far lower risk of breakdown associated compared to automatic transmissions sourced from wrecked cars. Automatic transmissions from used cars run the risk of creating even more problems, and eventually costing you more money. The transmissions we stock come with a guarantee of a proper rebuild or repair with high quality parts.  We offer a 2 year/40 000km warranty on all rebuilds, and a 6 months’ warranty on parts replaced on all repairs.

After More Information?

The Seaford location of N and V Automatics is a few minutes’ drive away from Carrum. N and V are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm, with Saturdays being open by appointment.

Make sure to get in touch if you have any questions regarding your automatic transmission, we’re always happy to answer any questions you have. We also make sure to properly outline your options in a way that is easily understood, with all budgets considered.