Used Automatic Transmissions Choices

Used Automatic Transmissions Choices

It can be difficult to decide whether to choose a rebuilt or used replacement transmission. If your vehicle is an older model, then  you may think that a used replacement is the best option. However you need to consider that with used units you do not know in what condition they are in, and they may bring you more problems in the long run. Therefore a better alternative would be to consider a repair on your transmission, with a repair you will have the peace of mind of quality parts and warranty on any job completed.

If you choose to install a used transmission, you have to be very careful as they are sourced from wrecked cars and can have hidden defects that only show up long after you’ve handed your money over. It is important to be aware that today’s vehicles use sophisticated computerised control systems, and you have to be sure your replacement unit is completely compatible.

Used Automatic Transmissions Melbourne

Melbourne’s N and V Automatics offer complete transmission servicing with quality parts. We can provide used repaired and rebuilt transmissions for all kinds of vehicles along with quality installation and servicing.

Your automatic transmission is one of your vehicle’s hardest working components so naturally it will wear out sooner or later. It’s also one of your vehicle’s costlier components and the price of a new replacement unit can be eye watering.

If you have any doubts or queries, contact N and V Automatics for some honest, friendly advice about any transmission issues you may have. We’re a family business and pride ourselves on our personal service. In particular, we give you a thorough explanation of the exact work to be carried out to your vehicle.

If your in need of advice on your automatic transmission, Melbourne experts N and V Automatics are ready to help. Call us now on (03) 9773 6101 for a free estimate.