Car Transmission Problems Melbourne

Car Transmission Problems Melbourne

If you’re experiencing car transmission problems, Melbourne experts N and V Automatics can thoroughly check your vehicle and deal with any issues found.

Your transmission is a hardworking component that directs the power from the engine to the driveshaft and hence the wheels. A symptom of a failing transmission  can be a delay in engaging drive, wich commonly leads to the transmission slipping in and out of drive, generally as a result of a leak in the transmission; other common symptoms are grinding or shaking noises, and even a completely un-drivable vehicle.

As your automatic transmission is such a workhorse, you’re bound to start experiencing problems eventually. It’s a complex and expensive component, so you need to remain vigilant to any impending problems.

If you notice any strange noises or if you feel that your transmission is not performing properly, you’d be wise to seek out expert help as quickly as possible. Catching the problem early can result in far less expense. However, you gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing a vital part of your vehicle is performing properly.

Dealing with Car Transmission Problems Melbourne

Handling transmission problems can take many forms. It may be as simple as replacing faulty seals that are causing transmission fluid leaks. However in some cases, you may have to replace some components, or even the whole unit. Installing a rebuilt transmission can be costly but you do get the benefit of a pristine unit with a warranty.

Another option is to repair your faulty unit. In most circumstances if the unit is repairable this is a far less expensive option but you need to have a reliable firm such as N and V Automatics take care of it.

Whatever choice you make, fixing the problem quickly is essential to help avoid serious and expensive problems in the future. You should also have your automatic transmission serviced regularly. Preventative maintenance through regular servicing means fewer problems, better performance, a longer lasting transmission, and ultimately lower costs.

When you get your vehicle serviced by N and V Automatics, you’re automatically on our VIP list and receive courtesy reminders when servicing is due. That way you can always be sure your vehicle is in tiptop shape.

For help with all your car transmission problems, Melbourne experts N and V Automatics are ready to help. Call us now on (03) 9773 6101 for a free estimate.